Charitable Missions

During the past 5 decades, approximately 200,000 Tibetans have fled to India, Nepal and Bhutan to escape oppression in their own homeland. Today, most of these Tibetan people live in refugee settlements and make their livelihood from agriculture and selling of handicrafts. The average Tibetan household earns the equivalent of only US $1,500 per year, and many families still don't have access to proper healthcare, jobs, or resources to break the cycle of poverty.

Supporting YTDR and its programs is an opportunity to make a direct and measurable difference in the lives of so many people, and create a lasting effect on generations to come. The projects in most critical need of your support include:

  • CHILDREN'S MONASTERY - a project to support the infrastructure and development of a monastery in the Phendeyling Tibetan refugee settlement in Central India. The mission of the monastery is to rescue children of impoverished families and give them an opportunity for a traditional Tibetan education. While construction has already begun, additional funding to support additional housing, schooling, and medical facilities still remain.
  • BODHICITTA is a program of "ACT For TIBET", a branch of YTDR, which provides yearly sponsorship of the children cared for by the Children's Monastery in India. This project ensures that all the children's needs are covered for a year (food, robes, and school supplies), and helps ensure that additional children can be received by the monastery.
  • CHENREZIG is a Family Sponsorship program of "ACT For TIBET", a branch of YTDR, which provides for approximately 200 Tibetan refugee families who live in dire poverty. Sponsorship provides for their food and medical care.
  • TENPA is a program that provides support for lineage monasteries and education programs which further the preservation of Tibetan culture. Direct financial assistance helps protect historically and culturally significant pilgrimage sites, shrines, monasteries, nunneries, artwork and rare texts.
  • TIBETAN STUPA - A stupa is built at the monastery and they will continue to add more. It benefits a community of 2,000 Tibetan people, and serve as a pilgrimage site for visitors from all over the world.
  • GREEN TARA is a program to create a nunnery to empower young Tibetan girls and give them an opportunity to receive education, and Dharma.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Please contact us to learn more about how you can become a supporter of YTDR and its missions. All proceeds directly benefit the people of Tibet and help ensure the survival of their rich heritage and culture.


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