Spiritual Retreats

A retreat is an introduction for people who want to explore Buddhism, its philosophy and practice. Central to the Buddhist teachings is a presentation of meditation practices designed to calm the mind and evoke insight into the dynamics of reality.

Attending a retreat is an ideal way to begin a personal experience of Buddhism outside of books.

Traditionally, one should make a formal request to visit the monastery by following these basic steps:

  • Email us and express your interest in visiting the monastery for a retreat or volunteer program.
  • Request a reference from the monastery tours coordinator. You will need this when completing your P.A.P. application.
  • Apply for a P.A.P. (Protected Area Permit).
  • Supply your local reference with a copy of your P.A.P. application and request them to forward to the P.R.C.F. office at Mainpat, Chhatisgarh, India.
  • In-person applications can be made in Delhi, but can take over two weeks to process.

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