Yogi Tsoru Dechen Rinpoche Foundation

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Since it's founding, YTDR has relied on the Buddhist tradition of Dana: generosity or giving, practiced by all the sponsors and volunteers who support us every year. All proceeds directly benefit the people of Tibet and help ensure the survival of their rich heritage and culture.

The benefits to you are perhaps immeasurable, and can create a powerful experience in your life in some or all of the following ways...

  • Helping to end suffering brings peace to our own minds
  • There is Joy in giving to a worthy cause
  • Joining a community of like-minded people is inspirational to us
  • Action transforms our thinking

YTDR Foundation is entirely volunteer based and we invite you to participate in its activities at whatever level is appropriate for your life. Nearly 100% of your contribution goes directly to the projects and people in need, and is used at YTDR's discretion consistent with its tax exempt purpose. Please join us in supportingĀ  this very worthy humanitarian cause.


You Can Help